Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weather Update

Just like Freeland guessed.. the weather channel is toying with us. It now says 89 degrees with 10% chance of rain. Our official guess is that it wont rain. So for all of those who were worried.. (me) dont be. I will keep you updated as the week goes by. Thats right... I said "week"... 1 week from today it will be our wedding day. :)


  1. yay! rain, rain go away or else i will beat you up, clouds. ah, the weather channel- they are so wishy-washy. it'll be a beautiful wedding!!!

  2. Brooke!
    It was such a great surprise to see your post on our blog. Now we can keep up on each other's lives. I'm so excited for you and your hubby-to-be!! I hope you have a gorgeous day and I'll be praying that the weather is beautiful. :)

  3. The news this morning (Monday) said that it will be a "dry week" and there was no rain in the forecast. Hooray!

  4. good luck! we are thinking about you!