Monday, September 17, 2007

The Dyson

Im a changed woman! Everyone says how great they are but you never know until you try for yourself! In an effort to get the house ready for guest being with us all week I borrowed a Dyson vacuum cleaner .. and I must say I have never enjoyed vacuuming so much! This thing is amazing. Honestly, I sound crazy I'm sure! But I promise once you use one you will feel the same way! I don't feel like my house has ever been as clean as it is now.. and we are clean people! We vacuum all the time because of the dogs! But after using the Dyson .. I don't think I will feel like my house is clean unless I use it! As soon as we get back from the honeymoon the first thing I am doing is getting a Dyson of my own! It will be my first step towards being "domestic!" ha.

Also - the bathroom is coming along!!!! I cant wait to post pictures! Freeland & John did the floor yesterday and last night we tiled the shower. John was a HUGE help. We couldnt have done it without him. It will be so great to finally have a guest bathroom again! I cant wait for it to be done! Stay tuned for the pictures.

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  1. Brooke I too love my Dyson like there's no tomorrow! I am so excited for you to get one of your own - they are a lil piece of Heaven! ;)