Monday, September 3, 2007

Blogging 101

So.. I have become a "blogger" and I really enjoy it! Especially as I was planning the wedding. Blogging helped let everyone know what was going on & it is something I can look back at also a year from now & enjoy. Well, since I have become such a "blogger" I figure I must put together a "board" What is a board one might ask? A board is what every true blogger does.. you take all your pictures and put them together and make a board just like a bulletin board in your room almost.. So I decided to try one out. I LOVE doing them now! I just wish I would have discovered this when we first got engaged. I would have been such a better blogger.. with only 18 days left I have a lot of making up to do! :) Here was my first attempt: (sorry for the repeat in pictures from below)
And here is my second attempt using our engagement pictures + 1 that I took from Bob Suttons website. His link is to the right to see his pictures!


  1. How do I make a "board" man you have me hooked on this crap.

  2. this is sooo cool! how do you do it??

  3. hey!how do you make the blog board? that is so cute!