Monday, September 3, 2007

The Bathroom

Poor Freeland has been "slaving" all weekend on the guest bathroom.. we're trying to get it done before everyone gets in town for the wedding! (in 18 days) Sweet fiance - He spent the whole labor day weekend redoing all the plumbing. He moved the toilet & the tub to opposite sides of the bathroom. For those, who like me, don't know anything about plumbing .. that's a HUGE task to take on! He had to cut into the main line and well.. I wont even try to explain it. But it was hard work!! I was so proud! I don't know how he knows how to do all this? Its amazing to me! I tried to help as much as possible. Really all I could do was hand him tools since he was practically under the house and couldn't reach them.. but I was helping! So now, all the plumbing is done, the tub is in & the sub-flooring has been finished! Now all we need are walls, a toilet, a sink & to finish the floor! Its going to look amazing! I cant wait. Stay tuned! I will post pictures soon so you can all see him hard at work.

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