Tuesday, September 11, 2007

10 more days!

Well.. things have been busy busy. So I still haven't posted half of the things I wanted to. Were finalizing everything for the wedding. Its all coming together and I just cant wait! I am feeling 10000+ times better than I did last week. Most people have told me their "yikes" moment was at 2 weeks out. Apparently mine was 3 weeks out. Because now I feel fine. Its a huge blessing because Im leaving in the morning for work. We have meetings the next 2 days out of the office... so who knows what I would have done if I was overwhelmed with wedding stuff! Im not though - and that's all that matters!! I can enjoy our meetings, seeing our whole team together & getting out of the office without a second thought! I must say this is mostly because Freeland has helped me so much. If he didn't then I never would be as relaxed as I am right now. I would have died at the idea of going out of town for work with only 10 days left!!  So here's to 10 more stress-less & fun days. Soon (after our traveling is over) I will post all the things I have been meaning to. Until then...

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