Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our first vacation as a married couple..

has been booked! We are soo soo soo excited... were going north to see Adam & Cam! Technically its not our "first vacation as a married couple" since we will have our honeymoon .. but its our first vacation after all the wedding festivities are over. Our good friends Zach & Vanessa are getting married December 29th in California and Freeland is one of Zach's groomsmen so we get to go and be a part of that.. then after their wedding we are flying straight from California to Pennsylvania to get some quality Adam & Camille time!!! (our travel schedule is crazy.. IE: flights at 11:00 at night arriving at 6:00 am.. but it will be a fun adventure together) We couldn't be more excited. We get to go see their new stompin grounds, their new house, their new school, and a ton of other things also. AND we get to spend new years eve with them!! Just like the good ol' days. I just had to blog about it because Im so excited! Here is why we love Camille & Adam:

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