Monday, August 20, 2007

Our Cake Topper

Who would have ever thought I would be so excited about a cake topper? I wouldn't have .. but life is full of surprises I guess.. because I am so excited! We just ordered it and should get it in the next 14 days. Its a monogram Swarovski Crystal "A". We plan on keeping it after the wedding and doing something creative with it. (ideas welcome) Here is a sneak peak of what it will look like. I think its so pretty. Some may say a little too much sparkly going on.. but I don't! It will go perfect with the cake! Oh and while we are on the subject of "THE CAKE".. let me just mention that I cannot wait to eat our wedding cake. In the past I wasnt the biggest cake person.. but recently I have started loving wedding cakes. And now Im soo excited about ours. I don't mean to brag but its really really good! (night at the roxbury anyone?) When we did the samples I almost died - everything tasted so good. I couldnt make up my mind .. so on my cake we went with 2 different flavors. Each layer will be different flavors and then we did the traditional chocolate on Freeland's. (for all you chocolate lovers) This chocolate cake is better than any other one I have ever had. We aren't big "chocolate" people .. and we loved it. We asked her to save 2 slices of each flavor to pack up for that night.. and of course the top for our 1 year anniversary! 33 more days...

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  1. I'm excited about the cake too--and the topper is fabulous! I'm in the same boat as you, not a huge fan of most wedding cakes. But I'll take your word for it. Can't wait to sample it! :)