Sunday, August 5, 2007

Mrs. Amy Sontag

SO I cant believe I am just now posting this... My dearest friend Amy (previously Amy Anderson) got married on July 28th!! We have known each other since kindergarten. Possibly even before that.. maybe we all played together before kindergarten started?! Anyway.. I was very honored when she asked me to be a part of the wedding... And it was so fun because Brittany was also a bridesmaid so it was all of us together! (And I got to spend the weekend with Brittany's sweet daughters.. so that was a blast also!) I'm so happy for Amy & Ty and I loved helping and being there along the way. Her wedding was an outdoor wedding in Santa Fe, near Galveston, at The Hidden Palms. They were married on the sand across this beautiful pond under the palm trees. The pond is the centerpiece of the whole property and its beautiful. There was a chance of rain the whole day.. but not one drop at all! Everything was perfect. We went that morning and helped set up everything for the reception.. which I loved doing! It made everyone feel like they were really playing a part in the wedding and it was so fun to be able to help!! She did such a great job planning! I couldn't believe how great everything looked and how organized they were! Then the rest of the day was spent getting to play & help Amy get all pretty for her wedding! I couldn't have imagined it any different for Amy! And I just have to mention that she was such a calm and enjoyable bride! She even ate whataburger for lunch that day! :) I hope I can be that relaxed! Here are some pictures from all her wedding activities: The shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner & wedding
This is the plate I painted her.. She was very sweet and saw it when I made Dawn one.. so she requested it also. Below was all the awesome food at the shower.. These pictures below are some from her bachelorette party in Austin. Kate, her maid of honor, did an awesome job planning it! Amys Aunts, Cousins, and friends from college all came in town and we stayed at the Driskell downtown.. ate great food.. and celebrated as much as possible! It was a blast.
This is at the rehearsal dinner on the Kima Boardwalk in Galveston. It was perfect.. they even had fireworks at the end of dinner along the pier. And finally.. here are some pictures from the wedding!! Amy was a beautiful bride!!Here is me & Brittany dancing with her girls!! They had so much fun & its crazy being with them because they are exactly like their sweet mom! And side note on this picture: They definitely shoved cake in each other's face! It was priceless!


  1. cute! I'm so glad you wrote that post because I totally didn't get to hear about it at all this past weekend and I was thinking about what a jerk I was that I didn't ask you about it! It looked like such a sweet wedding and you really pulled off that shade of pink -- impressive! :)

  2. i love the grooms cake! thats so funny. i especially enjoyed the pic of you dancing. priceless