Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Freeland & I celebrated our very last "dating" anniversary yesterday! It was fun since it was the last day we would celebrate the 27th forever.. from here on out we will always celebrate on the 22nd! So, Freeland being the incredibly thoughtful man that he is surprised me & got me a gift. I of course wasn't expecting a gift exchange to happen.. so I had nothing except a hug for him! But he sat me down and said "I need to talk to you" and starting talking about the most random things.. trying to throw me off & then pulled out the cutest little green ipod I have ever seen! I love green! For those who don't know I still have an old, bulky, non-color ipod that I run with.. so he felt it was time I upgrade!! (I also think he secretly thinks it will encourage me to train for this so called marathon he wants to do .. but I will let yall know the verdict on that later) ha. So, thank you Freeland .. for loving to surprise me all the time and going out of your way to remember things that are special to me! Oh and .. I will run & train for the marathon because of it!

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