Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Freeland's Med School Applications

Oh how I wish I could post Freeland's Med School Application on here! Its so good! They ask you 1000+ questions that are all pretty much the same question just rephrased and then say "do not repeat anything you have already said" .. nice. The best part is, they do this on your second round of applications also. So not only did he already answer these questions and have to think of creative ways to rephrase what he has already told them.. he has now spent the past 2 weeks filling out the second applications and doing it all over again! (see my previous Med School Update if you dont know what Im talking about) But somehow he is able to do that & his answers are amazing! I just went through and read them and Im so proud of him. I know without a doubt he is going to make it! Since I know he wouldnt like me to post his essay answers on here.. I wont. But trust me - if he didnt read this blog also.. I totally would! :) So I just had to take a minute to brag on him. PS - 38 days now.

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