Friday, August 31, 2007

The Earle Harrison House

This past week Freeland & I have been helping Kathy, the sweet woman who runs the Earle Harrison House where were getting married. Over the past months while planning we have both grown to become friends with Kathy. I love going out there and talking with her. She is a HUGE help on the wedding and one of the biggest selling points to us booking it there. So when she asked if we could help "maintain" the gardens while her & her husband were out of town we gladly said yes. How could I not? This place is beautiful: I have to be honest its a bigger project than I first imagined.. the gardens are huge and making sure we get everything watered takes a long time.. but I absolutely love doing it!! Freeland & I both like to garden.. so that part of it is fun. (Side note: for those who dont know Freeland is a true "Gardner" the first meal he ever made for me was a salad that he grew himself in his garden! Oh and he cooked for me before I cooked for him.. thats another little secret for those of you who read this blog) But more than anything the reason I am loving about helping Kathy is that its just so nice to be able to enjoy the whole property! Every time we go out there we both fall more in love with the it!! I find new things that I love and I get more & more excited about our wedding every time I am there. We go after work when the sun is setting and its quite and nobody is around.. its just relaxing being out there. And of course all I do is day dream about our wedding day! But its just overwhelming & so fun taking it all in and so I have loved this last week getting to enjoy the gardens. I also appreciate all the time it takes her to maintain them each week! Thank you Kathy! Here are more pictures of the house & the property so you can see why we are both so in love with it: (some of these are from other peoples weddings that I have)

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