Thursday, August 9, 2007

Couples Shower

Some dear friends of ours hosted a couples shower for us this weekend in Waco. Matt+Katie and Adam+Jess both put it all together. Matt and Adam were Freeland's roomies in college and Jessica and I lived next to each other our freshman year. All 3 of us were tri-delts together. (and for those who don't know.. Adam and Jessica are the ones who introduced us). It was very sweet of them to offer to throw a shower for us. They did a great job. The food & everything was amazing. I was really excited to have a couples shower because Freeland & I finally got to celebrate us getting married together... Instead of me doing it alone at all the other showers. Freeland would say that opening the gifts was his least favorite part though because he is not a fan of opening gifts in front of people! :) I was also excited because we aren't really doing the bachelor or bachelorette party .. so this shower would be one of our last times with all of our friends together before the wedding! We are incredibly grateful for all of our friends who were able to make it to the shower. Miyuki made a surprise appearance! It was so sweet of her to stop by on her way to Austin! I was so surprised when I saw her! And Jenny & Rachel both drove in from Dallas and stayed the night with me. I had so much fun and couldn't believe they would drive all the way down just for us. It really meant a lot to me & Freeland. So for now.. these are the only pictures I have. I will post more when I have them:

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  1. aw man! i wish we could've been there! we got our invitation today and we LOOOOOVE them. they are so y'all!