Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Chinese Freeze Tag: From Camille

Word for Word from Camille's blog because she says it better than I ever could.. she is hilarious.. "do you remember Chinese freeze tag? the rules varied from playground to playground but, basically, if you got tagged by whoever was 'it', you had to stand there, frozen, with your legs in a 'v'. then, you couldn't unfreeze until someone crawled between, underneath your legs. There was always the kid who would just act like he didn't get tagged. Every time, he would either throw a fit "nuh-uh!! you didn't get me" or once he had been tagged, he would wait a few seconds, then just unfreeze and jump back in the game, even though, clearly, no one had crawled between his legs! THEN, if someone called him on it (like me, i had a thick sense of justice as a kid), he would lie and then cry. Ah, I remember that kid." So obviously I was "tagged"

The Rules:1. Post the rules 2. List 8 random facts or habits about yourself. 3. If you are tagged, then you must Post the rules and list 8 random facts or habits about yourself. 4. After you post, tag people and let them know they must read your blog for the rules. okay, so.

1. Up until 2 weeks ago I didn't like strawberries. I think it was the texture that threw me for a loop.. but now I LOVE them. I don't know what I was thinking!?!?
2. Without my glasses I am practically blind.. just like my dad. At the eye doctor they do the "can you see now" test with their fingers in front of me.. not the chart. Its too far.
3. In college, out of nowhere, I started having horrible circulation in my feet. The bad part is my toes turn a red/purple color if I'm standing still too long. Its not my favorite.. and the doctors cant explain why it happens or how to fix it.
4. This may not be a shocker for those who know me.. but I cant make up my mind very well. Especially if I am in line at a restaurant.. I stress out if I don't have time to look at the whole menu and take my time deciding.
5. I ran a half marathon my junior year of college as a gift to my dad. He is a marathon runner and so I trained all semester and did a half with him. The best part was I got the flu 2 days before the marathon.. so I was not the happiest camper that morning and was probably the worst "running partner" in the world for my dad because I complained the whole time. Hopefully Freeland and I will do a full marathon sometime soon.
6. I love the state fair and really any carnival for that matter! I grew up getting a day off school every year just to go to the state fair. It wasn't until I went to Baylor that I realized that not everyone went to the fair. I really thought every kid grew up going.. then I realized not only were there were people who had never even been before.. there were people who didn't even know it existed.
7. I have been labeled a "return queen" I will return anything and everything possible.. even if it only gets me $1.00 back.. its worth it :) I also happen to know most stores return policy.
8. I, just like Camille, love the samples at the grocery store. I have even been known to go to the store just because I know its "peak" sample time. I feel awful though when its a sweet person and you have to pretend like you are going to buy the sample they gave you so they feel like they did their job.. PS. HEB gives samples of wine on Friday's around 5:00.

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