Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Name Game

So Freeland and I were talking the other day about how strange it is that soon (in 66 days) my name will be Brooke Ackley. I know it is obvious that my name is going to change.. but it seemed so funny to us when we were talking about it that my name is going to change.. just like that. Isnt it strange when you think about it how that happens?? I just remember how little girls are when they have a crush.. you doodle your name+your crushes lastname all over your paper.. and its a cute and sweet thought.. but then one day you grow up and your name actually does change. I really never will be "Brooke Chisum" again. He said he thinks for him it will take a while to think of me as anything other than Brooke Chisum.. and I agree, it is going to take some getting used to. We have a lot of friends that are getting married and I think for some of them getting used to their new name was natural. For example, I cant remember Camille as anything other than Camille Jennings.. same with Dawn. Dawn Gladden seems natural. But some of my other friends I cant help but to accidentally call them by their old name all the time. Not because their new name isnt great.. I just always forget for some reason. We wonder how it will be once we are married?!

Anyway.. these are just my thoughts for now. I know its random. Planning is still going well. I met with a florist that Jane recommended to us. She was wonderful and I LOOVED her ideas. Im just waiting to get the quote back from her to see if it will work to use her or not. Im crossing my fingers because she was so great & we would love to work with her. We had our engagement pictures last friday! I will post about that as soon as I get the proofs. Then I have my bridal portraits on Sunday. I cant wait.


  1. how were the cupcakes? i am glad you are making them- its the closest we have to sharing them after supper!

    brooke ackley flows- its easier to say i think! the e kind of flows into the a. or we could shorten it more to brackley! hey brackley! just kidding. love you guys.

  2. Don't worry you get used to the name thing, now it's weird thinking of my maiden name...but my name is much better now it was nice getting rid of my ugly maiden name....66 days is so soon, have fun finishing the planning!