Thursday, July 19, 2007

Med School Update...

Just a quick update .. Freeland has finished his first round of med school applications! Were very excited. His applications & essays were amazing! I was so proud! It feels great that the MCAT is over and we are starting to get "the ball rolling" on everything. I am thankful to start to have an idea of where we might be once we are married. Even though he wouldn't start school until next August or September... Its nice that everything is starting to come together. Right now he is trying to finish his research & thesis work for his masters degree as quick as possible and he is about to start his secondaries (its just like a second applications) at some schools. I'm not really sure how/why they do that, but some med schools ask for second ones. I think its just a way for them to get more money.. but I guess if you want to get in, you have to. I will keep yall posted as he continues the applications process & we know more. Oh and I know the picture is random.. I'm just a big fan of including pictures & I saw this one of homer simpson & thought it was funny.. following me?

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