Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So while I was in Arizona Freeland completely changed the house! We have been dying to do the landscape for a long time since everything is over grown and full of weeds.. so while I was gone he took full advantage of the opportunity to get it done. :) He worked so hard and I was dying to get back to see all he had done. Kevin came in town to help and he was such a blessing. He worked so hard and it never would have been done so fast if it weren't for Kevin's help. As I pulled up to the house I was AMAZED! I couldn't believe it. You could actually see our house. I was so proud and soo thankful that I have such a hard working fiance! I still need to do the flowers and we are going to do a deck in the back and a few more updates.. but in the mean-time, here are some pictures so you can see the progress and all of his work:

Before: ( Please note you cant see all the windows.. nor can you see our neighbors house because of the forest of overgrown bushes and weeds)

After: You can actually see our house now... along with the windows.. and our neighbors!! And here is the back yard Before: Yes.. it really was that bad.. blocks, bricks, weeds, pebbles, rocks, cinder blocks, overgrown vines and all... After: Its BEAUTIFUL! They put in even more trees and flagstone! I loooove it! As we do more I will post more pictures..

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  1. whoa! the yard looks awesome! we love the flagstone! are those holly bushes in the front? it looks goooood.