Thursday, August 2, 2007

Engagement Pictures!

YAY!!! We got some proofs from our engagement pictures! We are so excited! These are just a few. As I get more, I will post them. Hopefully you will enjoy. We went to Dallas at the last second. Nam & Bob were great. The shoot definitely helped "break the ice" (if you will) with the whole idea of someone just taking pictures of you together as a couple. At first the idea of "just act natural".. was a little different with a camera there.. but by the end we were fine. I was so glad to finally get to meet both of Nam & Bob. Freeland did younglife with them in college so Ive always heard a lot about them. They are great photographers & have a ton of ideas and talent. I cant wait to see how the wedding pictures turn out now! Here are a few of my favorites so far:

The picture below is when Freeland and I were playing around and both decided to give each other "wet willies" at the same time not knowing the other one was also doing it. I'm so glad Nam got this picture because we were dying laughing during it! Here we tried to take pictures running around in the fountains.. we were kicked out after 5 seconds standing there.. so this is the only pictures we got. Below you will see Nam's great idea of how to make up for not being able to take pictures at the fountain.. but already being wet! The car wash! We had a ton of fun!


  1. whoa! i love these pictures! they are incredible! the car wash one cracks me up!!! they look like a magazine shoot, for real

  2. OMG! These pictures are amazing! You guys are one of those couples that makes everyone sick -- y'all are too cute! Love it!


  3. PS I, too, just love these pictures. Way to go NAM! Tell him I want to hire him, if i ever decide to tie the knot. haha. Now that's funny. :P