Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bridal Portraits

Okay.. obviously I cant put a picture with this post or else you would all see me in my dress! But I still wanted to write about it. Sunday I went and did my bridal portraits & I had so much fun. The whole day I was kinda freaking out. I just felt nervous for so many different reasons. And I would say for that very reason alone.. is why everyone should do bridal portraits. Obviously its great to have pictures of you in your dress .. but more than anything it was a "practice round" for the wedding and getting in my dress & getting ready. I feel like now I will be so much more calm and relaxed the day of since I know how everything will work out. Before I left for my pictures I seriously had butterflies in my stomach like I was about to get married. I dont know why.. but I kept thinking "if this is how I feel now.. how will I feel when Im about to walk down the aisle?" But .. by the end of the shoot I felt 100% totally comfortable. I realized even in insanely hot & humid weather, sweat dropping down my back, shoes that are about to break my ankles, caked on make up, mosquito's flying around me, & everything else .. I still was fine and felt totally comfortable.

My mom came in town for the shoot to help & stayed through Monday so we could do other wedding stuff. Kathryn Krueger was the photographer. She is an AMAZING photographer. I could go on & on about how fun, relaxing, and creative she made the whole thing! I was so thankful for her! The best part is I randomly discovered her on facebook. Go ahead - laugh. But if it weren't for facebook I wouldn't have found any of our great photographers. Anyway the whole day, despite me freaking out for no reason, was perfect. I felt very blessed by everyones help. Casie, our hairdresser here in Waco, did my hair. She was so sweet & came into the Salon on her day off to do it and then she didn't even charge me. Im so thankful for her. (I highly recommend her: Hippie Chic salon next to Seronia on Austin Avenue.) And Megan Lasiter, a baylor student that Jordan Browning recommended, did my make up!! She did an awesome job & I was so excited to finally meet her after many emails back & forth. And at the last minute I decided I would do my own flowers.. well by the grace of God they actually turned out. Freeland & my mom did a great job distracting me and helping me get everything together. So all & all the day went really well and I cannot wait to see the proofs of the pictures.

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