Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Thats beautiful Lola!! My trip to Arizona was amazing! I had such a great time and was so thankful to be able to go. It was great getting to see Dawn and spend so much time with her. And I absolutely fell in love with Lola. She is the cutest little muffin I have ever seen in my whole life. I knew I would love her.. but it wasnt until I got back to Texas when I realized how much because I miss her soo soo soo much! Dawn is a fantastic mother and wife and it was so fun to see her as both. And Justin makes me laugh. I was very thankful to be able to spend time with him also. It was great to finally get to know him more since I really hadnt had the opportunity to yet.He is adorable with Lola and I think she will have an amazing relationship with both of her wonderful parents! I finally got to see their awesome home that they are building. For those who dont know Justin owns his own company & builds homes.. so you can imagine theirs is beautiful! I love it and I love all the details they have added to it. I cant wait to go back and see it once they have moved in. So here are some pictures of pretty much just Lola.. thats all I really took the whole time I was there! :)

And.. Justin is very sweet and planned a "get away" for me and Dawn! He surprised us and got us a hotel at the Camelback Inn! It was perfect. On Monday night, my last night there, we went into Phoenix and shopped and then checked in. It was great for Dawn to be able to get away and for us both to be able to just hang out before I left... and of course Lola came so it was so fun! The best part was it was Lola's first time in the pool!! I was so excited to be there for her first time swimming! And I was so proud because she got to wear the swimsuit I brought for her :) Here are some pictures.. I will post more once I get them from Dawn ..

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