Monday, July 16, 2007

Allie & Steven

We are so excited. Allie, my stepsister, and her boyfriend Steven are now engaged! He proposed to her last Tuesday night. Its a very sweet story. He was so excited to propose he couldn't wait until the weekend and went ahead and did it less than 2 hours after he asked for her dads permission. We were very thankful because we were able to go to their "congratulations" lunch on Sunday and celebrate with them. It was fun finally getting to meet his family & have everyone together. Allie lived with me for a semester while I was at Baylor. It was during that time her and Steven started dating.. which was also right around the same time Freeland and I started dating... so its super fun that we are both going to be getting married around the same time also. I feel like there are 1000+ things I want to offer to help with and advise her on (its my nature) But I will go ahead and wait and let her enjoy being engaged for now.. they plan on getting married in May! I cant wait. Here are some pictures from the lunch:

Mark giving his cute little speech... and them enjoying it! He loves his daughter very much and is very excited for them.

This is Steven's dad & mom telling stories about the couple

And.. what you have all been waiting to see... her beautiful ring!!!

Then here is just some of us & my mom and mark. Allie & Steven had already left or they would be in the picture also.. obviously.

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