Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July

Happy Birthday America. Ooohh the 4th. Its 1 of my favorite days.. next to Christmas! It was fun this year. I was back in Texas and happy to be with Freeland. We wished Adam & Camille could be here with us! But we didnt have an option since they are over 20 hours away :( It was my first 4th of July in Waco. Ive lived in Waco long enough.. its about time I was actually here on the 4th... but who is surprised? Im always out of town I guess. We started the day off with our neighborhood block party! It was cute.. they had a parade, which we missed because we were late. (again, who is surprised?) Then we spent the afternoon working on the house some. We were also able to go get sparklers for our wedding so hey.. one more thing out of the way! We were praying the whole day that it wouldn't rain. I couldn't believe it! 2 weeks of straight rain and for once.. it stopped. It was perfect. That night we went to our friends Nathan and Katie's house for a cook out. And then finished the night off watching the fireworks over the Brazos! It was a great break.. and now boo that I have to go back to work!

This is one of our next door neighbors daughters.. she is a cutie. We sat with them during the neighborhood block party thing. I wish I had a picture of the 2 sisters together.. they look identical.. and they are super precious..

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  1. look at that little cutie in her patriotic dress! how sweet!
    we wish we had been there for the 4th of july. we miss y'all