Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Freeland gets his MCAT scores in at 5:00...
and the results are in... HE DID AWESOME! We are so relieved its all over. His score actually ended up posting at 3:00. He had gone home to take a nap since he was so anxious and couldnt get anything else done. So I was checking every 5 minutes to see if they posted. Right at 3:05 they were up! It was fun because I got to go wake him up and tell him the good news! Thank you to everyone for all of your prayer and your support! Freeland worked so hard and I couldnt be prouder! So.. we had to celebrate.. at of course, baris! Kevin, his roommate, went with us and we had a great night celebrating it all being over and how well he did!


  1. Oh my gosh! How exciting! We are saying a prayer for Free & you!

  2. way to go freeland, way to go! hoo hoo
    way to go freeland, way to go! hoo hoo

    of course, now i need to sabotage your scores somehow so that you two still move up here.....