Monday, June 11, 2007

The Floors

Since the MCAT is now done our life is picking back up! Not only are the wedding plans starting to get busy busy but we have started back up on the house projects! And after 6 months we finally got to finish the floor in the kitchen! They look incredible! Freeland did such an amazing job. They started as a black and white laminate checkered floor when I moved in .. then after we starting taking that off to see what we had to work with we realized there was more... 5 layers of different flooring to be exact. And that's when we thankfully discovered under all of them there were the most beautiful wood floors. How did anyone ever cover these up? The craziest part wasn't that someone actually covered the wood floors.. it was HOW they covered them. They stapled down particle board with what we counted in the end was over 5,000 staples. So needless to say, that's part of the reason it took 6 months to complete. We also had to rent a professional sander to get the layers and layers of glue off also. (as you will see in the pictures that created a HUGE mess!) It was fun though because I had to stand on top of it while Freeland pushed it around so it would work better.. again, it was still a HUGE mess! After all that was said and done and we finally got to re-stain and finished them and I must say .. I love them! Oh and we bought a new dishwasher! Best purchase ever.. who would have thought? Next is the bathroom and the granite counter tops!! I cant wait to start them!!! Here is the floor before:
Here is just an example of how thick, old, and gross all the staples were in the entire kitchen.. This is Freeland with the sander... eventually it took me standing on it while he pushed it around. I wish someone could have video taped that.. and there was dust and sand everywhere.. it was out of control. Note to self: cover everything if you ever sand your floors.
Here is a quick picture of how beautiful they turned out! I love them.. I will post more pictures once the other updates are done!

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