Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Big 2-4

So Im 24 now. I feel old. But my birthday was wonderful. I love it because it falls on or around memorial day weekend every year. And it just happened to be that Freeland finished his MCAT right before my bday so we really got to celebrate together! And it worked out perfect because I got Monday off work and got to continue celebrating. Like I just blogged, we got to spend the whole weekend with Adam and Camille so that was great! And we also went to Dallas and had lunch with my family at cheesecake factory. I got lots of gift certificates to Macy's so that we could get our bedding and Freeland surprised me with a plane ticket to go see Dawn and Lola! Im so excited. I get to go the last weekend of June and see her. I cant wait.

Here is a picture of the bedding.. I cant wait to go pick it up!
And here are picture from the lunch at cheesecake factory. Yummy

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