Friday, June 29, 2007

85 days to go..

Only 85 more days until we are married! I'm so excited. July is going to be a busy busy month! I keep telling myself "if I can make it through July.. we will be okay." Our goal is to have our invitations out towards the end of the month. Which means I finally have to get every one's address! All of our vendors have also requested that I finalize all of our details with them in July because August is busy for them. Which Im happy to do.. the sooner it gets done, the happier I am. Also - we have our engagement pictures and I have my bridal portraits .. on top of a ton of other details I wont bore you with! Did I mention that we have 5 weddings to go to and 3 showers in July also? Lots of traveling! So thats just a quick look at what July is going to be for us. I cant wait for August.

Aside from all of that, I'm leaving today for Arizona to visit Dawn. I'm so thankful for Freeland going waaay out of his way on my birthday and getting me a ticket to go meet Lola and spend time with Dawn before we get married. Its such a blessing. I'm so excited to see her and hug & squeeze Lola! I cant wait to see what makes her smile and laugh. I'm excited to also see her new house, spend time with Justin and get to know him better, sit out by the pool, see dawn's parents & Justin's mom, meet their new dog, and did I mention.. to meet her little muffin, Lola? Its going to be soo much fun. I also cant wait to show Dawn all of our wedding plans. She has the best ideas and advice.. so I'm so thankful to have her input - in person, and not just over the phone!

PS - thank you to my job for giving me 30 days of PTO every year so I can take off for Arizona and all my weddings in July

PSS- what do you wear for engagement photos?? yikes.

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