Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The 100 day mark!!

WOO HOO! We are finally past the 100 day point. I know.. yall thought it would never get here! But the day is actually getting close now! Its very exciting.. but VERY crazy at the same time. Im realizing there is SO much more to do in the next 3 months. But I also just have to remind myself.. I still have 3 months. My brother has told me multiple times "If it were my wedding I could get it done in 1 day" Pshh - I wish it were that easy! Who knew there were so many details that go into planning? Freeland is a "to do list" type of person so that's our plan of attack on how to get it all done. I email him to do list :) He is wonderful and helps me out a ton. My mom is also doing a lot for us as well. She has come to Waco multiple times to meet with vendors and everything else. I cant wait for the wedding to finally be here... I cant wait to see all my friends and family and have everyone together and I cant wait to be Mrs. Ackley!

Side note: Yes, things are busy.. but were not going too crazy. Don't want to give yall the wrong idea. Were still enjoying the process of planning and at this point.. we can say that we arent too stressed out. Were just trying to get it all done while working full time, applying for Med School, finishing a masters degree, fixing the house, and everything else at the same time. :) Oh and we ordered our invitations this week. They are great. Cant wait for yall to see them!

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