Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Adam & Cam "Secede from the South"

This weekend was bittersweet. It was our last weekend with adam and cam. They have decided to secede from the south and move to Erie Pennsylvania for Med School. Were excited for them but so sad they arent in Waco anymore... they have become some of our closest friends so it will be strange without them here. Good news is we get to see them in less than 4 months at the wedding... and were taking a summer vacation next summer with them.. and were going to go north to visit them and see powers also. We cant wait. Here are some pictures from our last weekend with them:

This was at Baris after an afternoon swimming at the pool one last time. (we were also celebrating Cams birthday and Freeland being done with the MCAT!!) So we pulled out all the stops and opened our best bottle of wine. Freeland's mom got him for his birthday and we have been saving it for a special occasion. It was fantastic-o.

Then on Sunday night (their last night here) we had game-night/sleepover party, since they had already packed up their bed, it was so fun. Powers even stayed over and got to play with Maddie and Oliver one last time. We played Clue and Poker. I dont know why we didnt play speed scrabble? But it was still fun.. and I had my first attempt at an ice cream cake.. it failed. Oh well. Then the official moving date came.. it was very sad. Tears were shed. Powers was also sad saying bye to Freeland. Now they are off on their 3 day drive up north. Here is the link to their blog: http://thejenningssecede.blogspot.com/. Its very humorous. I recommend it to everyone. Enjoy!

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