Sunday, April 1, 2007

I got my dress!!

I JUST GOT MY DRESS IN!!! I'm so excited. Its such an amazing story. So for those who know me, I really like to find a good deal and I have been known to literally get sick at my stomach from big purchases.. so I was determined to find a good deal on my wedding dress. Few believed it was possible and Freeland kept saying he knew I was going to fall in love with one that was way over my budget and just "have" to buy it! Well ... I did.. but I still got it for way under my budget!

I first found my dress in Dallas, tried it on and fell in love with it.. then looked at the price tag and nearly died it was so expensive. After asking why, I learned it is a "designer couture dress". I was told there were other designer's that made replicas of it so when I got back to Waco the first thing I did was go online to see them. But, once I looked at them I came to the conclusion that they weren't the same since I tried on the actual dress - I could tell the difference.. so I went back online and started looking for other places that sold the original dress to see if I could find it for a better price somewhere else. I quickly realized I couldn't! But in the midst of looking online I came across a blog where other girls were looking for the same dress. I just happened to look 10 minutes after one bride posted this: "I have that dress and I am getting married in April. I am willing to sell it"

I immediately emailed her and said "how much.. I want it!" She emailed me back and offered the most amazing price I have ever seen in my life. Long story short - we ended up becoming email friends and I bought it! I know it seems crazy but it was the biggest blessing in the world! I never would have thought I would by my dress from some stranger in Tennessee online. I just got it in and its perfect! Not a spot on it.. and the best part is: we are the same exact size to a tee! I don't have to get one alteration on it! Can you believe that? I sure cant. So for all those who think its not possible... you can find the perfect dress at the perfect price. I cant wait to be able to wear it and finally show it to Freeland. (of course not until the wedding day :)

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