Monday, January 1, 2007


Welcome to our Blog! I just started it to keep my family & friends updated about how things are going .. especially since they claim "im not the best at keeping in touch" So hopefully this works. For those who dont know.. were engaged. Here is the sweet story as Freeland tells it:

When Brooke and I first started dating, I knew from the very beginning that she was the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Brooke and I had dated almost 20 months by the time I had saved up enough money for the ring and worked up the courage to ask her father. The time that I did ask David is another story all in itself, but the main point is that he was encouraging of us and supportive and despite my fears said yes.

Because of Brooke's love for New York after spending time there during school, I knew for sure that’s where I wanted to propose! So over the next month, the Lord just continually opened up doors to make the trip not only doable.. but a total surprise.

So I began trying to get plane tickets, a hotel, dinner reservations, and tickets to Wicked - Brooke’s one show that she always said she wanted to see... With the help of her old roommate Meier and another roommate from New York, Mandy, I was able to pull the whole trip together... without them I couldn’t have done it.

The whole trip was planned... now I just had to figure out how to get Brooke there without here knowing what was going on. So I worked it out with her boss, Mark. He helped set it up so I could buy the tickets through corporate travel that way it would like she had to go for work. And he came up with an outlandish story that Brooke had been selected to attend a round table event with the big wigs of Wells Fargo in New York. I remember it took almost two weeks for Brooke to find out that she was going... but once she did find out she got to go to New York "for business".. She was so excited and totally believed it!

With it all out in the open I still had two weeks to try and keep my cool, and honestly I blew it a couple of times, but luckily Brooke never caught on. She flew out of Waco on Sept. 8th and I had done it that way again so that it looked just like an ordinary business trip but also so that she would have the same flight home as me. With all that said she bought the story and didn't realize that that morning that she called me I was already at DFW boarding the first flight to New York.

When I got to the hotel and finally got up to the room Brooke called to tell me that she had landed safely. So of course I lied more and told her that was great and I was just at home eating with the dogs (I think I even yelled at Madelyn to throw her off). With all this said the bad thing was is that I was about 2 miles from central park and realized that she was only 20 minutes away. So needless to say in a collared shirt and blazer I sprinted across New York. Calling the photographer as quick as possible, she was a huge blessing and dropped what she was doing and showed up early to meet me in the zoo.

So as I got to our meeting point, right by the Central Park Zoo I couldn't find the photographer anywhere (Lauren Slusher---let me just say it now she was amazing, and made the proposal something that we will never forget). Turned out she had been talking to the security guards and got us permission to go into an area that was normally restricted. Anyway we met walked and talked for about 5 minutes and then all of the sudden I saw Brooke. It was priceless there she was carrying her bags and ready to go to a meeting (she never called me because my phone had died...another way the Lord blessed us that I was able to find her in such a huge place). So with Lauren in place I walked out and her jaw dropped. She didn't cry, she just asked "what are you doing here?" To which I just replied seriously you have no idea?

From here we went for a short walk and went into the area that Lauren had gotten for us and after Brooke still had no idea what I was doing I got down on one knee and proposed. I quoted Proverbs 31 “A wife of noble character” line by line and spoke of how each part applied to her. Then I asked her “will you marry me?” You will have to ask her about her first response.. As it was priceless!! But then after it... she said Yes!!

Well if you have read this far the rest of the trip was amazing. We had a great dinner at JoJo’s a wonderful French restaurant and then saw my first Broadway show ever Wicked.

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and support during these last 2 years. Brooke and I have been blessed by all of you in so many ways and really do just want to thank all of you for that. Who could have ever imagined that all of this could have started from a casual dinner with random people at a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant where I fell in love with a girl who was at that point not on the market. I truly am the luckiest man alive, I get to marry not only one of the most beautiful people inside and out I have ever met, but also I get to marry my best friend.

Here are some pictures, Enjoy:

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