Thursday, January 18, 2007

Marriage Counseling

IS AMAZING! I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.. counceling in general.. and marriage counseling! I dont want to become "that girl" that always says "well, our marriage counselor told us..." but I easly could because we learn so much every time we go. I think that its something we will continue to do throughout marriage on and off because lets all just be honest with ourselves.. we could all use it! And why not?

The only funny part about the counseling is that when we started looking we just said we wanted to go to someone who didnt know our parents. Not for any reason really .. just because & I guess we felt more free to talk about anything we wanted? Dumb.. probably, but its the truth! So a doctor was recommended to us here in waco and we went to see him. How would he know my parents?? So after we get an appoitment im talking to my dad and say "yeah we found a counselor to go to.. his name is Dr. Corley and a lot of people recommend him" .. my dads response: "oh Dr. Corley! I know him. Thats Gaye's brother in law & he went to baylor when I did" You may ask.. who is Gaye? Only one of my dads best friends! How ironic of all the people we could go to.. turns out he does know my parents! He went to school with them at Baylor. Ha! But we still went and Im so thankful! Dr. Corley is wonderful and its been a blessing. That is all....

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