Monday, February 29, 2016


Here is the current problem .. my computer wont upload my photos. The even larger problem is .. Ive lost almost all my other photos. Gone. Just like that. Poof. I dont have the heart to figure it out. I just get angry or upset and if someone else wants to come pick up my computer and take it to apple to figure out for me - feel free. (basically, Freeland, I am asking you to do this for me on my blog)

Until I can figure it out - we'll go with what I can find.

So here are some pictures from almost this exact same time as last year:




Look at these little babies. River is doing much better recently. Either Kindergarten - or this age - has been a transition for all of us. Right now he is set on being an artist and a builder when he grows up. He also wants to play soccer and basketball and he really wants another baby in our family. Ha.

Currently, Freeland is in the middle of all his interviews for his fellowship. Did I mention this already?

Right now he is in Denver. He has been in and out the last 2 months and he has 4 more to go. They've been going really well and he has managed to stay with a friend at almost every single one so he has been able to see friends along the way which has been really fun too.

The match process, for him, (every specialty is different) is at the end of the month through the beginning of April .. so by the middle of April we will know what is next for us!

By next, I mean we will know what we're doing in 1.5 years. He will still have his last year of residency to finish. Which is so nice that they apply for fellowship during their 4th year. It gives us an entire year to plan so Im thankful for that.

Its exciting and crazy to imagine. We have no idea what will happen and we have no idea what is best for Freeland or our family. But he's just focusing on getting through the interviews and figuring it out once they're done. We're praying the Lord would just make it clear what His plans are for our family.




Those are old glasses. Wylder doesnt wear them anymore. These are his "froggy" glasses because - well, there are frogs on the side of them. He does love them.

He wears the black ones and most days he doesnt wear those because he cant see well in them anymore - which means either his vision is fixed or his prescription changed. We'll see once he has his appointment.

Wylder is so precious lately. His heart is so big and kind. He is super sensitive to some things and he has some big emotions. I love seeing how smart and thoughtful he is and I love watching him make friends everywhere he goes. Speaking of River wanting another baby in our family - Wylder currently wants to adopt 120 kids when he grows up. He also talks about his future wife and family a lot and its precious.

and this little itty bitty munchkie:




as I write this she is yelling at Wylder #threenager.

She is my shadow everywhere I go. Wanting to know why Im a mommy and what makes me a mommy. If Im mopping - she is mopping. If Im putting on make up - she is putting on make up.. and so on. Its sweet and Im trying to fully embrace how much she wants to know and learn and be around me right now. She's the little mommy in our family for sure. She is also ca-razy fiesty and the girl knows what she wants and is learning to calm down and just ask or use her words without screaming about it. ha.




and this little bit is growing and doing so so well. She loves passing out kisses and hugs and if youre here she is in and out of your lap a million times. She climbs on everything and loves to jump around. She is starting to talk. Her favorite words are currently "mine" "daddy" and "nonononono" my favorite is when she says "uh oh" and "tank you" She has been on a nap strike the last 4-6 weeks. But she is for the most part happy and all over the place. I'll still have to post an update on where we are in the adoption process and what the Lord has been showing us.

My conflict is that if there is time in the day its either - get something done or sit and write on here.. most days I choose to get something done. I also dont know that I have a ton to say but I do love reading back at the things we were doing over the years so Im hoping to post - even when its about nothing - because I love the memories.

Off to run some errands.

(and there you go - 2 post in one year so far. ha)

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The year I accidentally quit blogging



its been awhile.

Im currently, in the back of my head, working on my list of what I'll remember from 2015 and what Im hoping for in 2016. (per usual - after the new year)

A few people have brought up my blog to me lately. One person, being my husband, said he felt like it was time for me to blog again. Though that sounds more intentional than I think he meant it.. when a few other people brought it up as well it got me thinking.


(note, add to 2015 list - the year that I learned about myself that I think NON STOP .. like I never stop thinking about things.. which sounds normal, right? But after multiple discussions I have realized I generally think and keep thinking and continue thinking about things and then I think about them a little bit more when other people probably stopped thinking about the right after the conversation we had. So, 2015 - the year I learned Im a thinker - at age 32. Bout time)

Ive been thinking for about the last 6 months why I stopped blogging and more specifically why I haven't shared more about our journey being foster parents. I *think* I know the answer to this. Ha. Most of it I'm still chewing on though.

Overall I know this last year was more of a silent year for me. I remember the Lord saying my influence was going to be in my home and with our daughters Biological mom last year. I didnt really get it because I never saw my influence outside of that. (meaning - I didnt see my blog as a place of influence) But what I realize is that my time and attention and thoughts and energy have all gone to those things this last year. So its where my influence ended up being.

It was an intense year. Caring for a child who has high needs and never sleeps and has many mountains to climb while juggling our normal - busy - husband is a resident - we have 4 kids - blah blah blah life was intense.

Im happy to report, I feel on the other side of that now. (in most ways) But when I think through the Lord telling me where my influence was to go at the end of 2014 .. I now see what he meant. It was a year I could really only put out things for our family and outside of that I didnt have near as much to give. It was a great year - though intense and hard. On the other side it always feels worth it.

We're still foster parents - still hoping to adopt baby girl - and thinking it will happen in 2016.  Our kids are all still growing and crazy and rambunctious and wonderful and more adorable than ever. Freeland is in his 4th year of residency and half way through it already - currently applying for fellowships. I cooked a meal every night of the week this last week - so seems Im growing too. (wink)

There is so much to update Im sure.. seeing as I only posted 3 times in 2015 and my last post was in March.. and Im pretty sure it was just pictures from the kids starting school the previous August?

Hopefully I can find time and once again start getting all these thoughts out on to here. If not, hopefully I can at least just post some pictures for our family to see since their all still crazy far from us.

I just saw the clock and its time for me to go get River (so many thoughts on this as well .. him being in kindergarten and such. see - so much to write out. But I have to hop off now.

Peace n blessins.

For now, here are some more pictures from this fall (Sami Renee Photography did them)

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(both girls are in this picture if you can spy the little foot hanging out)

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